What is Excalibur?

A bespoke piece of software written for businesses with a retail and repair / workshop function. Feel free to watch this introductory video for more information:

Why was Excalibur written?

Having been in the horticultural business for over 35 years we have struggled to find a piece of software that was suitable for our business at a reasonable price. Although there were many options available 'off the shelf' no single system was capable of carrying out all functions of the business without paying thousands of pounds for a bespoke system. Our after sales manager, who has been with us for over 15 years has been a computer programmer for over 10 years. After working out exactly what was needed he spent 18 months writing a bespoke system for us.

The future of Excalibur...

We now have and use a system that we are incredibly passionate about and proud of. It is a system that we genuinely believe has increased the efficiency of our business dramatically and this is something we feel other businesses can benefit from. We have, therefore, taken the steps to bring this to market as a low cost, highly functional, package.